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What is Subscription25?

The offering of subscription-based services or products is something that has an effect on every business. This new way of doing business allows creative pricing and packing in an evolving world. Subscription25 is a native Salesforce application which allows you to manage all your subscription contract and recurring invoices. The automated process of recurring orders provide your customers with periodical invoices and you can track who to charge each month directly in Salesforce.

The subscription economy

Subscription-based usage models have rapidly become the norm. The subscription economy offers consumers freedom and the possibility to choose those products that perfectly suit their needs. Traditional businesses are therefore moving towards subscription-based models.

Subscription25 helps you track the variety of subscription contracts and takes care of all kinds of recurring invoices. This intuitive solution lets you offer your clients the flexibility they have grown accustomed to.

Recurring invoices

Having an overview and a clear structure at all times is very important. Recurring orders are the heart of Subscription25. A recurring order consists of an invoice cycle and an amount. These cycles can be changed or modified, which allows you to have discounts or even free cycles. Subscription25 creates orders on set dates, allowing you insight into upcoming invoices, monthly recurring revenue and earlier price-iterations.


Subscription-based models built in Subscription25 can create invoices directly into accounting software Twinfield and Exact, saving you time and money. Extensive reports allow in-depth insights in any process.

After logging into the integrated online invoicing system, employees can see in real-time whether new recurring orders need to be created, or existing modifications need to be amended. Because Subscription25 is very user-friendly, help from an accountant will not be needed.

Native Salesforce application

We think Salesforce is by far the best cloud based CRM system on the market today, and we have been working together with Salesforce for years. It gives us the opportunity to fully leverage the power of the Salesforce platform and to help our customers gain a competitive advantage using Subscription25.

With Subscription25 you can link recurring invoices in your Salesforce contract administration to your invoice administration and send invoices straight from Salesforce. Subscription25 automatically generates invoices (including an up to date description of the invoice period) from each contract, ensuring you never forget to send one out. Subscription25 aligns your contracts administration with your accountancy system, and makes it possible to set up advanced pricing models.

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